Thursday, April 25, 2019

USCCB Problems, Chapter 19,338

It would be very nice if the US Bishops would concentrate on stuff like faith and morals, no?

Here, we find them putting their nose into the Census question, with barely-concealed motives:

....Census data helps direct more than $800 billion annually to key programs designed to advance the common good, strengthen families and reduce poverty. The Catholic Church and other service providers rely on the national Census to provide an accurate count in order to effectively serve those in need,” said Bishop Dewane. “We urge for all people to be counted in the Census, regardless of their citizenship. 

Proposed questions regarding immigration status will obstruct accurate Census estimates and ultimately harm immigrant families and the communities they live in. Our society, rooted in the strength of the family, cannot risk missing this opportunity to give children and parents the tools they need to succeed,”...
Well, since the Bishops think so highly of families (as they damn well should), maybe the Bishops can show us all the sermons they preached about not using artificial contraception, or about the virtue of getting married before having babies, and like that, eh?  And--by the way--how about all the sermons preached on the same topics by all their Diocesan priests??  Hmmmmmm???

Maybe the Bishops can show us, in writing, their semi-secret "penitential practice" memorandums directing priests in confessional matters on those topics, eh?

As I recall, preaching Christ crucified and risen is your obligation, not trolling for Federal money.  Or did that change somewhere along the line in the "Americanist Church"?

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Fr. VF said...

In the early 80's, Jesse Helms had a bill ready, which would remove abortion from the appellate jurisdiction of the federal courts. This would have simply eliminated Roe and Doe, and made any future pro-abortion decisions impossible.

Reagan committed to sign the bill.

The USCCB teamed up with Orrin Hatch to kill the Helms bill. They came out in support of a Human Life Amendment--which they knew was futile.

The bishops and their staff feared that, if Reagan succeeded in eliminating Roe and Doe, Catholics would vote in greater numbers for Republicans. (Getting rid of Roe and Doe would have immediately permitted the states to outlaw abortion.)

It is no exaggeration to say that the Catholic bishops, as a body, have been the most effective, devastating pro-abortion institution in the United States.