Saturday, April 27, 2019

No Gun Rights in Venezuela, Gov't Murders Follow

The other day we noted that 15 years after gun rights were eliminated in Turkey, the Turkish Moslem government slaughtered at least 1,500,000 Catholic Armenians.

Now we note that the Socialist/Communist government in Venezuela eliminated gun rights five years ago..........and guess what??

...Venezuelans once enjoyed partial gun rights before the Chávez and, now, Nicolás Maduro socialist tyranny. Chávez progressively violated those rights, especially after the 2002 failed coup against him, before ultimately pushing for his total “Disarmament Law” (Ley Desarme). Chávez did not live to see Maduro impose that law in 2013, redeeming “the cause” after the first dictator’s passing....

 ...Chavista gangs, also known as “colectivos,” have been the armed corps in charge of eliminating dissidents, breaking into the private property of innocents, and attacking activists and journalists for decades since Chávez became President. But even having the same deadly weapons as the Venezuelan Army, it is a fact that they haven’t been able to neutralize Venezuelans against the regime....
Unfortunately for Venezuelans, the interim president, who is supported by the Trump Administration,  also is a gun-grabber kinda guy, which may account for his popularity rating dropping like a rock in the last 90 days or so.

Trump apparently approves of the Pre-Emptive Gun Grab plan pushed by the usual suspects including the Republican weenie-club.  He should carefully re-think his casual abolition of the 4th Amendment.

Gun owners know what to do, of course.....

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