Thursday, April 11, 2019

Channel 4's Vitrano Posts (D) Propaganda. Sad.

It's kinda sad--but not surprising--to note that The Nooz is merely a branch of the Democrat Party.

Another example pops up today.  While Channel 4's Vince Vitrano is 'splaining 'what to expect from the gas-tax hike' he is only half-honest (at best) about the past.  Here he discusses terminating the automatic gas-tax increases which happened in 2005:

The change saved drivers $1.7 billion over the years, but it also contributed to delays in major construction projects.

Vitrano "forgets" Jim Doyle's outright theft of FOUR HUNDRED NINETY MILLION DOLLARS from the transportation trust fund--which would have gone a long ways towards road projects, no?

By the way, Vitrano never tells us "what to expect from the gas-tax hike".  He was too busy covering Doyle's rancid ass, I guess.

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