Friday, April 05, 2019

A Suspicious Cheese Message

Here's the sort of story which is almost worth a grin.  Underline "almost."

Somebody at NRCC emailed the Cheese Reporter (yes, it exists, and it exists in Madistan, WI) asking what Ron Kind's opinion of abortion restrictions are.

It helps if you don't ask why.  Just don't.

So a Cheese Reporter staffer, one Moira Crowley, responded in the best Madistan Feminazi tradition:

“Hey, Carly – Hope you don’t get raped at a MAGA rally and have to carry that child to term. DON’T EVER CONTACT ME AGAIN.”

You stay classy, Moira!

Cheese Reporter now announces that 'Our email was hacked.'

What a load.  We all know that Moira sent that email.  Own it, love it, and live with it.

(This is why we'd like it if San Francisco annexed Madison, WI. )

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