Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Women's Sorority Will Not Define "Woman"

Not surprising, but disappointing.

...At the heart of the lawsuit was the issue of defining a 'woman', with the sorority sisters arguing that because KKG's governing documents define it as a space exclusively for females, the organization broke its own rules by admitting a biological male.

The sisters claimed that the sorority changed its criteria to allow Langford to apply, while KKGs lawyers said the definition of 'woman' has evolved since the sorority's founding 150 years ago.

'The term (woman) is unquestionably open to many interpretations,' the sorority's filing claimed.

Although the plaintiffs offered a definition in their lawsuit as an 'adult human female', KKG said this was restrictive, and were seeking to dismiss on the basis of changing views around what constitutes a 'woman'....

Don't ask Target Stores, either. 

This is not very hard to figure out:  Kappa Kappa Gamma is in deep doo-doo for money.  Members = money.  They'll get a bunch of trannies across the country and be the TrannySororiTee!

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