Monday, August 14, 2023

Utah, Oregon, Michigan: What They Have in Common

What could those three States possibly have in common?

In response to EV's which pay no gasoline tax for highway maintenance.....

Utah’s novel solution is to charge a “per-mile fee” for EVs with a government GPS tracker attached to monitor movement.

Wait!!  Wait!!  There's more!!!

... the DriveSync® app also assigns a “driving score” based on how fast the slave citizen accelerates, brakes, corners turns, and drives. The app records bad driving behavior and shows it to the slave citizen on a digital map.

Oregon is not far behind.

... ODOT created a website and program called OReGO where drivers can sign up to volunteer for a program where they pay a fee for every mile they drive on public roads. Currently it’s just under 2 cents per mile.

The program isn’t gaining much traction. About 700 people have signed up so far, either reporting their mileage to the state or by using GPS devices to track their travel. ...

And Michigan.

the Michigan Department of Transportation is exploring new options to replace the gas tax.

One potential avenue is a road usage charge system, which would require residents to place a GPS tracker in their vehicle to keep track of their mileage.

So.  What do these States have in common?

Totalitarian Governments.

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