Sunday, August 27, 2023

Ramaswamy, the Panderer

Some of you recall the Limbaugh (PBHN) parody song "The Philanderer", sung about Teddy Kennedy.

Vivek Ramaswamy is intent on becoming the next parody:  "The Panderer."

While CNN is an absolutely rotten source, we'll quote them until Ramaswamy comes out and denies the story.

...Then 38-year-old Vivek Ramaswamy ...called the “climate change agenda” a “hoax,[at the debate] an answer that elicited intense boos from the audience....

CNN reports that there was "intensive booing" following that remark.  Uh-huh, right. /sarc  They go on to note that despite their best propaganda efforts, normal humans do not link "weather" to "climate change."  (That's because normal humans are not neurotics.) 

Now for Ramaswamy's second act!!

...Asked by CNN on Friday whether he believes climate change is real, Ramaswamy responded, “Climate change has existed as long as the Earth has existed. Manmade climate change has existed as long as man has existed on the earth.”...

That last sentence is an assertion made wholly without evidence.

The Panderer and The Philanderer have one thing in common:  utter disregard for principles.

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Saint Revolution said...

RamaSwammaGhoulie, like ALL hadjis, is a carpetbagging opportunist, bloviating whatever needs to be said to eventually push his native homeland caste system upon the US. The curry-stinking hadji is a liar, cheater, thief, and fraud.

Hadjis, ALL, go home, get the eff out ... where's the beef, RamaSwammaGhoulie?!