Thursday, August 17, 2023

Maui, Milwaukee, Same-Same

Succintly and accurately put.

One of the many, many failings of leftists is that they disdain mundane repair work and upgrades. They only see Grandiose Battles against Existential Threats, because they are narcissists who must always create a narrative around themselves making them fantasy-fiction heroes.

So they ignore the boring work of simply keeping infrastructure in good state of repair, instead crusading to Save the World.

While bridges crumble and roads are worn to patches, the left continues Fighting Infrastructure Racism....

In Maui, the Government's failure to notify citizens of the fire, and its failure to release extra water to the fire department, cost hundreds of lives and billions in property losses. Its failure to adequately maintain its electrical grid led to downed-line fire sparking if it was not arson.  And if it WERE arson, its failure to find the goblin who touched off 12 fires in the last 6 months or so is another problem.  But Maui, like all of that State, is run by Democrats.

In Milwaukee, arterial streets are pock-marked like a 14-year-old's face, ruining tires, wheels, suspension systems--but a totally useless electric choo-choo was installed and several million dollars were invested in a "luxury hotel" in a very ........ahhh...........spicy..........area of the ghetto.  The cop shop is under-funded and the D.A. is woke, so car thieves are catch-and-release, just like certain other wildlife.

Later this year--or maybe next--we'll be reading stories about massive smash-and-grab organized thefts from what retailers are foolish enough to keep a presence in Milwaukee--or Mayfair, already a shopping destination in rapid decline.

We prefer short posts, so we won't go into NYC, ATL, SFO, CHI, LA, BAL, or HOUS.  Don't need to.  If you read, you understand.

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