Wednesday, August 23, 2023

"We're NOT Here From the Government....."

Remember the Three Big Lies?

1)  The check is in the mail.

2)  I'll respect you in the morning.

3)  We're here from the Government to help you!

Yah, well, in Canada, Lie #3 is no longer operative.

Government officials in British Columbia, Canada, urged residents of wildfire-affected areas this weekend to stop taking hoses, sprinklers, and other firefighting gear from the government’s rescue teams, lamenting that critical equipment is disappearing.

Residents who spoke to CTV News confirmed that civilians are taking the equipment and trying to put out the fires themselves. They also said that, in many regions, civilians are the only groups of people actively trying to put out fires.

“We refuse to watch things burn,” Gordon Favell, a resident of Celista, British Columbia, told the news agency.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s yours, it doesn’t matter if it’s locked up – get it, put it to use, put some fires out,” he asserted. “That’s what’s going on here, locals helping locals.”...

Now #3 is "We're NOT here from the Government to help you."

Inspired by Tony Fraudci's "We're here from the Government to destroy you!!!", just implemented differently.

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