Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Booz, Allen: Fraudsters

"Gray area," my ass.

A Marine veteran mom-of-three who tried to stop her former employer from defrauding taxpayers has been awarded $69 million after making use of a little-known law.

Sarah Feinberg, 39, moved to join the ranks of military contractor Booz Allen Hamilton as a financial analyst following her time as a Marine.

While working there, Feinberg discovered the company was overcharging the U.S. Government to the tune of $100 million-a-year to cover losses in other areas of its businesses, including consulting contracts with foreign states like Saudi Arabia....

Booz, Allen is was a respectable consulting outfit.

...Last week, it was announced that Booz Allen settled to pay the United States $377 million to resolve the allegations ...

Happy for Sarah!  

Time for Booz, Allen to shut down--but that assumes they have "shame," a commodity unknown in the D.C. area where they have their HQ.

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