Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Ahmari Disappoints

 Sohrab Ahmari wrote a book; we reviewed the review.

Now Ahmari himself writes a review.....and one section of it displays a remarkable blindness.

...political leaders of both parties—men like Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson, Herbert Hoover, and, above all, Franklin Delano Roosevelt—promoted reforms that brought the market system under greater political control....

 ...The result was the so-called “thirty glorious years” after World War II, a period that witnessed both immense mass prosperity and a relative reduction in material inequality. Many of the hallmarks of working-class life—discretionary income, regular vacations, defined-benefit retirement plans, and other benefits that increasingly elude us—date back to this period....


I hold no candle for the Robber Barons, and their successors today--the TBTF banks, the asset-strippers, and the "Americans" who move US jobs anyplace--except within the US.  

But to state that the prosperity following WWII was due to FDR, Wilson, and the like?

Good heavens, man!  The US was the ONLY Western country with intact factories, intact infrastructure, and a very potent currency.

You really think we don't know that, Sohrab?

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