Friday, August 25, 2023

Don Surber: So Right, It Hurts

Surber is an actual newsman, not one of the blow-dried Plastic Patties you have to put up with to get to the weather forecast or the Packers score.  So when Surber writes stuff, the clarity and truth-telling will sear your eyeballs.  A few examples:

...Like the RINO cowboy he is, Senator Lindsey Graham told Meet the Press that if Trump is the nominee, “the Republican Party will get killed, we’ll get creamed, we’ll lose, we’ll deserve it.”...He said that in 2016....

Well, we know whose payroll Graham is really on.  Can you spell R-A-Y-T-H-E-O-N?

 ...The people who turned the Party of Reagan into the Party of Losers are little Leslie Gores declaring its my party, I’ll lose if I want to.

Let them.

Trump supporters owe the Republican Party nothing. Not one thin dime or fat nickel. The party power brokers hate us, and the feeling now is mutual. The National Review-Weekly Standard crowd pretends its opposition to electing a conservative president is about principle. True conservatives, such as Phyllis Schlafly — who stopped the ERA — backed him....
Then there are the Real Assholes:

...Never Trumpers are back stabbers. The two previous Republican presidential nominees — McCain and Romney — never attacked Obama personally as they were grateful to lose to the first black president.

But in 2016, these losers openly attacked Trump for more than a year showing absolutely no loyalty to the party or grace in defeat....

The list gets longer:

...But Mitten’s running mate — Paul Ryan — is even more loathsome. A month before the 2016 election, the pro-Hillary press decided that Trump using the word pussy in a private conversation 11 years earlier was a scandal.

CBS reported, “Paul Ryan tells Republicans he won’t defend Donald Trump, will focus on keeping majority.”

What a joke. Ryan never defended Trump. And Trump did not need Ryan as despite Ryan’s opposition, Trump became the first Republican to carry Wisconsin in 32 years, Ryan’s home state.

You know, the one he didn’t carry for Romney. ...

Rush's term "Plastic Banana" applies to Little Runaway Paul in spades.

Then there's the bunch who says--right in their name--that they want "American Prosperity."

. ...In Utah, Romney told his gullible (but not listless) supporters in March 2016, “If we Republicans choose Donald Trump as our nominee, the prospects for a safe and prosperous future are greatly diminished.

“Let me explain why I say that. First on the economy. If Donald Trump’s plans were ever implemented, the country would sink into prolonged recession. A few examples. His proposed 35% tariff-like penalties would instigate a trade war and that would raise prices for consumers, kill our export jobs and lead entrepreneurs and businesses of all stripes to flee America.”

Romney was so wrong, his teeth should have fallen off. Under Trump, the economy blossomed and achieved 50-year lows in unemployment. Workers had not had it so good since Reagan left the White House. Companies re-located their headquarters to the USA
That bunch is running with the same lies, except this time they include "History."  They talk about Smoot-Hawley and quietly drop any reference to the Fed, which choked off US money-supply at the time.  That's so they can sound like they actually know about History while pleading for less US employment, less companies headquartered her, and above all, slave labor for their own ventures--overseas.

Yah.  Great Americans, eh?

Then Surber gets around to where a lot of us are, and this is important.


....One quarter of Republicans will not back Trump? So what? Who cares about them and their pathetic need to suck up to liberals? Trump won without them as 62 million of us voted for him in 2016

He gained a whopping 13 million voters in 2020 — more than any other president — but thanks to Democrat cheating and RINOs looking the other way, his presidency ended.

RINOs plan to do it again next year — and then blame him after sabotaging his election. They do not want to win.

Excuse me, they do not want America to win. They are meat puppets who do whatever their World Economic Forum donor-owners tell them to do....

"Flying Leap" comes to mind. 

Can any other Pubbie win without the MAGA crowd?

Wanna bet?

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