Tuesday, August 22, 2023

The NeoCons Will Blow Up the World

 We exaggerate--but only slightly, and perhaps a bit too early.

Pay attention.  Wauck speaks!

Not only did the US push Russia into a military operation against Biden's personal pot-of-gold Ukraine, but the US then blew up the gas pipeline feeding Germany.  You see, Germany and Russia were playing footsie with that natural-gas deal and a German Russian alliance would threaten US hegemony in Europe.

That caused what is regarded as the beginning of the end of Germany as an industrial powerhouse.

Then the NeoCons managed to lose Niger, which means that an oil pipeline crossing Niger and feeding Europe is dead, dead, dead.  Nuland--(look up her parents and spouse's parents and their countries-of-origin) flew over there to attempt to "fix" the problem---and was denied entrance to the capitol building.  She did, however, have a nice chat with the gate-guard.

Now, according to the WSJ, the morons-in-charge at State and CIA are thinking about giving Saudi Arabia "help" with constructing nukes, in order to rescue Bai-Den from the doom of a straight-line upward increase in the price of petroleum before the election.

Destroy Russia, Germany and France.  Lose the Sahel.  Arm up the Saudis.

All that for Wales?

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