Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Teacher Turnover. We're Supposed to Feel Terrible?

Little Local Pravda, in its never-ending quest to impose Communism onto Wisconsin residents, runs a fluffy little essay on "teacher turnover."

As you might expect, it is The End of the World that teachers leave the biz to the reporter (and the Teachers' Union.)

And as you might expect, you have to read a lot of this propaganda before you get to meaningful numbers--and even then, they disguise it.

...Turnover is a statewide issue, evidenced by all districts studied having an average turnover rate of at least 10%.

However, rates were higher among smaller districts and those serving a majority of diverse students or low-income students. The study found slight variations in rural versus urban districts, but there was a more noticeable discrepancy when looking at the number of students enrolled. ...

First question:  why is teacher-turn "an issue"?  

Second question:  how high are the rates in those serving diverse, low-income students?  Are there any guesses as to why THAT happens?  Bueller?  Bueller?  Anyone??

(It's the same reason that MPS contractors have trouble recruiting school-bus drivers.  Just sayin'.)

Then we get to the Communism part!!

...Arizona and California are focusing on affordable housing to attract and retain educators, as reported by CNN and EdSource, respectively. Illinois is piloting a vacancy grant program to funnel resources to understaffed districts....

Give away housing!!!

But here's the line they hope you don't read or understand:

 ...High turnover isn’t unique to Wisconsin, and it isn’t even unique to just education, the report pointed out....

IOW, "never mind."

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Anonymous said...

Too bad

They’re not worth the money there receiving right now

The product their putting out is inferior

Decrease the pay