Sunday, August 13, 2023

Matt Taibbi and Oliver Anthony (!!)

Over the course of 5-7 days, a fellow named Oliver Anthony has become a country-music phenom.  The reason?  He chafes at the burden he carries due to "rich men north of Richmond" (meaning in the D.C. metropolitan area.)

Who says populism doesn't pay?

Oliver's success follows the Great Covid Fraud of '19-'21 and the unbelievably stupid (or malicious?) moves of the Biden Regime in Afghanistan, big-spend inflation, strangling domestic energy, throwing billions at a money-laundering Ukraine, forcing kow-tows to sexual deviants of all stripes, bans on gas stoves, lightbulbs, dishwashers, and portable generators, FBI raids on school-moms, pro-lifers, and Catholics, and encouraging an invasion of this country by a million (or so) people who bring disease, crime, and poverty with them.

The song also follows the Great Election Fraud of '20, which enabled all of the above (and more), and it highlights the frustration born thereof.

So when Matt Taibbi, a Left-inclined but honest journalist, agrees--and drags John Hinderaker, a soft-Right guy along, it's serious.

Here's Taibbi:

...American politics has long been a careful truce, in which natural economic tensions were obscured by an elegantly phony two-party structure that kept urban and rural poor separate, nurtured a politically unadventurous middle class, and tended to needs of the mega-rich no matter who won. That system is in collapse. Voters are abandoning traditional blue-red political identities and realigning according to more explosive divisions based on education and income. … 

Don't read Taibbi as a Trump fan!

...The only reason polls are 43-43 (or perhaps slightly in Biden’s disfavor) is because the other actor is Donald Trump. If Democrats should be panicking because they’re not trouncing an opponent whose biggest campaign events have been arraignments, it’s just as bad for Trump that he polls even with a man who’s a threat to walk into a propellor or carry a child into a forest every time he walks outside. Still, the abject horror Trump inspires in the Georgetown set may be his greatest political asset, and a reason the realignment seems to be proceeding even with him around....

Not only 'proceeding,' but gaining strength.  Trump is simply obliterating his same-Party 'competition' in any poll you wish to read, and his nearest competitor (Ramaswamy) just floated pardons for the Biden Crime Family--which should terminate his viability in the next 10 days or so.

Predictions of Democrat victory in '24 sound a ,lot like whistles in the cemetery; hispanics, blacks, and married suburban moms are fleeing the (D) brand at a surprisingly-healthy pace.  Newsom?  Still has that (D) brand and topping that, a failing State.  That's a giant bowl of Not Good.

Oliver Anthony sang a mouthful. 

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