Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Hey, Joe!! Isn't Hawaii a State?

Aside from his lying about Ron Johnson, and the "Success" of BidenFlation (16% and rising in only two years!!!), there's this:

...FEMA Administrator Griswell [Criswell] — who’s the best we ever had, I think — was on the ground this weekend. I just talked to her. She’s back in the States. ...

Of course he can't remember her name.  He can't remember the name of the island that was torched, either.  But "back in the States"????

Really.  Obama had 57 States.  Biden has 49.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't Hawaii is a blue state? Playground of wealthy and influential Lefties? Had any of them suffered losses on Maui this would be playing out very differently. Some soon to be available distressed properties might get their attention, tho.