Saturday, August 12, 2023

Ahhh, the Old "Equity" Scam!

Mayor "Corvair" Johnson is in waaayyyy over his head.

And the City of Milwaukee will need more sales-tax revenues soon.

The developer of a planned Milwaukee hotel would have the deadline for a city loan extended for a third time under a new proposal.

Kalan Haywood Sr. is facing a September deadline to begin repaying $3.79 million used to pursue the planned conversion of a historic former Sears store, 2100 W. North Ave., into the 80-room Ikon Hotel and conference center....

Repayments were supposed to begin last September.  Haywood wants them to begin in September '24--two YEARS later.

What does "Corvair" (Unsafe at any speed) Johnson have to say?

...A statement from Mayor Cavalier Johnson's Department of City Development said the site's future is important to Milwaukee's "equitable growth."...

The "Equity!!!!" scam.

City residents will never see that money again, except in largely-unused bathrooms on Fond du Lac Ave. at North Ave.   

(We say "largely unused" because they WILL be used to flush $3.9 million into the lake.)

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