Sunday, August 13, 2023

The Pfizer/Pfauci Murders

 If you read this subversive incendiary fact-filled blog, you already suspected this.

...In the U.S., 76 percent of Covid-19 deaths occurred among people 65 and up. But now, excess deaths are flat for seniors, while they are soaring for the able-bodied young and employed, a cohort that has traditionally been the healthiest in society.

In the last quarter of 2022, deaths among 35-to-44 year-olds were 34 percent above the 2017-to-2019 baseline normal; they were 23 percent above baseline in workers a decade younger and older.

In the dry parlance of an actuarial report, “The working-age population continues to see the highest A/E (actual-to-expected) ratios.” Tragically, deaths were 8 percent above normal among 0-to-24 year-olds....--quoted at Vox

What COULD have happened?


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Anonymous said...

As the daughter of an actuary, THANK YOU!