Monday, August 28, 2023

WEC's Smelly Pal, ERIC

It's a refreshing change:  a very important voting-information news item which is easy to understand.

And the stench of Meagan Wolfe's WEC leaps right off the page, too.

Long story short:  ERIC was founded by a Clinton operative with the 'non-partisan' stated objective of helping States maintain their voter rolls.  Wisconsin signed up for it.

But rather than 'cleaning' the rolls, Wisconsin appears to be using the information to identify not-registered individuals who are residents of the State.  By coincidence, these people generally vote Democrat.

Meagan Wolfe's WEC only asked for 'cleaning' information three times since 2017, but asked for 'unregistered but on file with DMV' lists just before the elections of '20 (the Great Fraud) and '18.

Under Wisconsin law, the DMV is not authorized to release its dataset for political purposes.  So if WEC only rarely asks for 'cleaning' information, but is sending its DMV datasets to ERIC every couple of months, like clockwork, one should be asking questions.

Ms. Wolfe is scheduled to meet with a Wisconsin Senate committee tomorrow; she has said that she will ghost the meeting.

Maybe there are questions about ERIC activity she doesn't want to answer while under oath, eh?


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