Monday, August 28, 2023

Let's Review "Trump Can't Win" Twaddle

The Establishment Pubbies which whisper into Jay Weber's, Mark Belling's, and Pretentious Danny's ears--promising they'll get scoops and goodies--are whispering that Trump Can't Win If He's Nominated.

That's because they hate Trump.  It certainly isn't based on the emerging political picture.

Here's Ruth Marcus/WaPo Lefty, quoted at Ace:

...There are problems with Joe Biden's candidacy. There are many Democrats behind the scenes and a few publicly who talk about his age, who talk about other problems with his candidacy. But let's be serious. I'm old enough to remember -- I'm sorry to say, I'm old enough to remember 1980 and what happened in the Democratic Party when it was riven by division.

And if somebody were to emerge and challenge Joe Biden at this stage in the campaign, him having decided to run, his vice president, who, if he didn't -- if he somehow chose not to run, if she were not the nominee, that would create some divisions within the demographics of the party

Not to mention the open revolt brewing among the Hispanics who are just now learning what "education" priorities are being pushed by the Sex Maniacs Department of Education--such as Masturbation for Kindergarteners, Fun and Kinky Homosexual Practices for Girls and Boys in Third Grade, not to mention Abortion for All!!

And of course, the enthusiasm-meter to re-elect Bai-Den (or any other Democrat) in the midst of what will be a recession-with-inflation, meaning eating and heating will be a real challenge, is not going to be very high.

That means the Democrats will have to invent 180,000 mail-in votes, not just 75,000 like in the Fraud of '20.    

And that's just in Wisconsin.

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