Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Fox Goes 'Fake News'. REALLY Fake.

 What a hoot.  We all know that the foreign family which owns Fox (Murdochs) and their leprechaun butt-boy Paul Ryan despise Trump and will do anything to impede his run.

So what does Fox do?

They put the Fake in Fake News!

...Fox News is hosting the GOP debate in Wisconsin.  During this build up segment, Martha MacCallum introduces the “random Republican voters” in Wisconsin who will watch the debate.  Except, well… there’s a little problem.  MacCallum introduces Chris Lawrence as a “Wisconsin GOP voter” who seemingly supports Ron DeSantis.  However, MacCallum fails to mention that Chris Lawrence actually works for the Koch Network, who have recently pledged to spend $70 million to defeat President Trump.

Not only has Chris Lawrence worked for the Koch Network for the past 9 years, he is also the Senior Field Director for the Koch group Americans for Prosperity.  In essence, Lawrence is a political operative planted in the group by Fox News to support Ron DeSantis and make it appear like he is an innocuous voter. ...

What would Ted Perry do??

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Anonymous said...


By Nurse Claire.
On August 24, 2023

I woke up this morning to find a multitude of texts from friends and colleagues regarding last night’s Republican “debate”. Everyone was in agreement that Vivek Ramaswamy said all the right things, nailing each & every issue that’s discussed around American kitchen tables these days. But taking a closer look at this guy, I decided it’s time to go to the medicine cabinet and get out the red pills.

Let me put this in no uncertain terms: Vivek Ramaswamy is another biotech millionaire with ties to Big Pharma and the globalist elites at the WEF. Consider the following:

Vivek’s biotech company Roivant Sciences, is working to develop more mRNA therapies. Does this look “pro-life” to you??

George Soros’ brother Paul awarded Vivek the Paul & Daisy Soros fellowship for new Americans in 2001. Vivek then paid Wikipedia to scrub this info from his page, knowing full well the Soros connection would be damaging for his GOP election run. Talk about revisionist history.

Vivek was a Mask Covidian, supported a mass-vaccination campaign, and blamed the unvaccinated for new variants. Not surprising considering he’s a Big Pharma guy (see tweet below).
Vivek says he’s unapologetically pro-life, but we know for certain the biotech industry, where he’s made his fortune, is completely dependent on abortion.

Endpoint News, a Biotech, drug, pharma and health news outlet, is loaded with articles covering this man’s company & past biotech endeavors. Do a search of his name in Endpoint’s archives.
Can people have a change of heart? A conversion? Sure! It happens all the time. But when it comes to politicians, ignore their past at your peril. Many of us turned a blind eye to the sordid history of Donald Trump because he said the right things and made the right promises. As it turned out, he never did build the wall, lock her up, or drain the swamp. I fell for the ear-tickling once, and I promised myself I wouldn’t do it again. When I look at the affiliations, ties, and past actions of Vivek Ramaswamy, he gets a hard “no” from me.

Folks, there’s no political savior coming for us. If you still believe that this is anything but a giant clown show, then get involved at the local level and run for sheriff or something. But you have to admit at this point that, at least on a federal level, it’s all a big show and Vivek is just another puppet on the stage.
I don’t see a video clip here.

…..To state the obvious: we should aim to safely vaccinate everyone who is eligible. I’m proud that healthcare providers in my immediate and extended family have already safely received the vaccine….,,
— Vivek Ramaswamy