Saturday, August 12, 2023

Is Craig Robertson a Warning?

It's been a few days, and still no body-cam footage from the FEEB's homicide of Craig Robertson of Utah.

There are questions.

...Was Robertson an actual deadly threat at the time an FBI agent killed him? We don’t know that because the FBI isn’t saying. Even three days after the pre-dawn raid turned fatal for the suspect, there has been no direct claim that Roberston pointed a gun at anyone. It’s possible he was refusing to comply as agents shouted at him (which can be heard in the above video), but refusal to comply is not justification for law enforcement to shoot someone.

Reports after the incident used anonymous sources to claim that Robertson was “armed” at the time of the raid....

So are a lot of American citizens.  So what?

By the way, doesn't Secret Service have responsibility for Presidential protection?  After Ruby Ridge and Waco, you'd think the FBI has zero interest in furthering their reputation as stone-cold killers.

... Why is the FBI conducting a pre-dawn raid on an elderly man over online threats? Anytime the FBI barge in on someone who is sleeping, there is a chance that person mistakes law enforcement for unlawful home intruders and things go sideways. Robertson was old and barely able to walk. Why didn’t the FBI just pick him up and arrest him on his way to the store? Why didn’t they just knock and ask him to exit the house peacefully?...

Well, maybe Merrick Garland wanted to send a message to Latin-Rite Catholics, Pro-Lifers, and people who maintain that the '20 was a massive Election Fraud.

Wouldn't be surprised.  

If Garland and his sock-puppet Wray lose a few grunt ham-and-egger FEEBs along the way, well, they signed up for this, right?  

Not every stupidly-run raid is going to end the way Robertson's did, with the FEEBS 'victorious' and the alleged bad guy(s) dead.  

Added:  Here's a former head of CIA (Mike Morrell) in an interview with Charlie Rose.


MM: We need to make the Iranians pay a price in Syria.

    MM: We need to make the Russians pay a price.

    CR: We make them pay the price by ... killing Russians?

    MM: Yes.

    CR: And killing Iranians?

    MM: Yes. Covertly. So you don't tell the world about it, right. You don't stand up at the Pentagon and say, 'We did this.' But you make sure they know it in Moscow and Teheran.

    MM: And here's the other thing I wanna do. I wanna go after those things that Assad sees as his personal power base. I wanna scare Assad. So I wanna go after his presidential guard. I wanna bomb his offices in the middle of the night.

    CR: Well, that happened about two years ago, as you remember, when his brother in law was ...

    MM: I want to destroy his presidential aircraft on the ground.

    MM: I wanna destroy his presidential helicopters.

    MM: I wanna make him think we're coming after him.

    MM: I'm not advocating assassinating him, I'm not advocating that. I'm advocating going after what he thinks is his power base, right, and what he needs to survive. I want him to think about, 'This is not gonna end well for me.'

    MM: I wanna put pressure on him, I wanna put pressure on the Iranians, I wanna put pressure on the Russians, to come to that diplomatic settlement.
That is from Wauck's site.  Here is why it is relevant to the homicide in Utah:

...So, in the American Empire “diplomacy” is about … killing people, engaging in terroristic acts, to force them to submit. Winning hearts and minds, or maybe not... (Wauck's observation.)

Morrell, Wray, Milley, Pelosi, McConnell, and Garland--not to mention Biden--are all of a piece.  Long-time rulers or consiglieres in The Empire who are perfectly fine with threats and killing to achieve their goals.

Robinson was convenient.

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Anonymous said...

Secret Service initially referred the man and his threats to the FBI. Truth Social also alerted the FBI about his deranged posts. The man defied the execution of a legitimate warrant. He chose to point a gun at FBI agents, who repeatedly asked him to comply with their request to put the weapon down and give up. What does the man do? Tries to repeated;y resist arrest and then proceeds to shoot at law enforcement.

The man murdered himself. Took guts. Something you don't have. Heh.