Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Michigan Election Fraud: 50,000 or So.....

The cleanest election in history.  Biden got 81 million votes.  The Vaxx cures Covid.  Masks prevent viruses from moving around.

All were assertions made without evidence, all turned out to be lies, all were shoved down your throats by a complicit (and guilty-as-Hell) "press."  Here's the core of a longer article written by a genuine reporter, not a Molly Beck-level propagandist:

...Michigan’s official voter rolls, called the Qualified Voter File or QVF, contain approximately 50,000 registrants recorded as living in multi-unit housing units but lacking a residential extension number. How these ineligible registrations occurred or why the Secretary of State’s office is failing to address the problem remains unclear. But one thing is clear: These registrations violate the law, and absentee ballots cannot be delivered to them....

Among other places where the addresses were legally insufficient:


Of course, that can't happen in Madison, can it?

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