Wednesday, June 02, 2021

Abp. Listecki Mans Up!!

Happy to note that Milwaukee's Archbishop is (FINALLY!!!) fighting back against the hard-Left State Government.

...Just a few weeks ago, Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul issued a press release and held a news conference to announce that he was launching a review of old reports of clergy abuse within the Catholic Church. It is with sorrow and regret that once again I have to write to you on this topic.  When we received the request, I asked my staff to meet with the Attorney General to find a pathway for him to lawfully achieve his goal.  We believe we have offered a way to provide what the Attorney General has requested while continuing to walk with survivors, maintaining the Church’s rights and avoiding unnecessary expense....

That's followed by a very long review of the actions taken by Milwaukee about the priest-predator problem.

Then this:

...There is significant doubt that the Attorney General has the legal authority to conduct such an investigation. We have legitimate concerns that his inquiry is directly targeting only the Catholic Church.  We have accepted our past history and worked so vigilantly to correct how things are handled, but it’s the Church that is continually targeted.  Just last month a Fox Valley public school teacher was charged with three tragic sex crimes involving children, and school officials apparently knew about inappropriate touching allegations five years ago, yet no disciplinary action was taken.  Rather than rehashing old files from 40, 50 and 60 years ago, it seems like the Church could be a model for others to follow and the Attorney General could be investigating ongoing crimes from today, not from decades past....
In fact, Kaul--a carpetbagger and alumnus of Coie, the 'how to win elections by any means necessary' lawyers--is in desperate need of something he can brag about for re-election.  He's been useless, nobody pays attention to him; and if he acts at all, it's strictly to benefit The Party of Totalitarianism.

Word is that a high-powered Friend of Listecki lawyer has threatened to sue Kaul over this, and it's obvious that +Listecki has finally awakened from his slumber.


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