Monday, April 12, 2021

"Irreparably Harmed" Milwaukee Catholics

As we've noted, the Archbishop of Milwaukee, + Jerome Listecki, has obsequiously obeyed the marching orders of such medical luminaries as Tin-Pot Tony Evers and Milwaukee Mayor 'Milk-Carton' Tom Barrett by keeping Catholic churches at 30% or so occupancy.  That "generous" number follows +Listecki's flat-out closure of churches for a few months last year.

Meantime, California Protestants were suing to exercise the First Amendment.  And they won*, overcoming another John Roberts "Statism First" opinion.

There are several important facts to understand in connection with the Supreme Court Order handed down late on Friday in yet another case involving restrictions on religious freedom imposed by California’s COVID-19 protocols and restrictions....

 ...I want to highlight one passage from the order which I believe is a “marker” the majority is laying down for fights yet to come — fights for which a majority of the Court seems to be prepared to engage....

Here's the quote Shipwreckedcrew highlights:

 Applicants are likely to succeed on the merits of their free exercise claim; they are irreparably harmed by the loss of free exercise rights “for even minimal periods of time…

Since Abp. Listecki is a lawyer (both civil and Canon) and since he has a few high-powered lawyers on retainer and sitting on various Archdiocesan councils and boards, it is curious that the Archbishop has not lifted a finger to keep churches open to the Faithful.........who are "irreparably harmed" in the estimation of the Supreme Court.

(*"Won" is not perfectly accurate.  

...this was not a decision on the “merits” of the case now pending in the Ninth Circuit.  What was under Supreme Court review was the refusal by the Ninth Circuit to grant an injunction against enforcement of the California restrictions while the case is pending before the Ninth Circuit.  The question was whether California would be allowed to enforce the restrictions in place while it defended the case on appeal after the restriction had been upheld by a district court judge in San Jose.  The Ninth Circuit had declined to issue an injunction while the matter was being reviewed, and late on Friday the Supreme Court reversed that decision and ordered that the injunction be issued while the matter is pending review....

As Shipwreckedcrew tells it, SCOTUS would not have issued that ruling if they expected the church to lose its case at the 9th Circus--or ultimately at SCOTUS.)

It is not only Milwaukee Catholics who were "irreparably harmed" by the lackadaisical attitude of their Archbishop to the First Amendment.  This is a national situation or even an international one, because First Amendment rights granted by God, not the State, are universal, even if some countries do not recognize them explicitly.

Once again, Excellency:  tell Tin-Pot and Milk-Carton Tommy that you intend to open the churches to full capacity.  Let's pray that the irreparable harm already done doesn't result in quarter-full churches for the rest of this decade.

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