Friday, April 23, 2021

Bible-Thump: Ethics Complaint Filed Against Hagedorn

Perhaps Justice Hagedorn will bring testimony from better angels?

A complaint has been filed against the Government Man with the Judicial commission of Wisconsin, claiming that Hagedorn violated the code of judicial ethics.

Although the case had not yet been decided, Hagedorn ran his flannel-mouth to a number of media outlets such as the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel stating that the case brought by the Trump campaign was lousy.

Hagedorn, more and more appearing to be a WannaBee-Elite, campaigned partly on his 'Christian principles'.  Because of his (D) opponent's error in judgment, Hagedorn won.

Ever since then, he has been a disappointment, particularly in the "moral courage" category.

Will he be reprimanded?  Stay tuned.

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