Saturday, April 17, 2021

MPS Created the Bus Driver Shortage. Where's the MONEY??

MPS ignored its obligations to bus companies.  So there's a "driver shortage."

..."Wisconsin School Bus Association, along with several bus contracting companies, have been in contact with MPS administrators and school board committees since October 2020, informing them that there would be a bus driver shortage if the district continued to not fund these companies with state transportation funds they continued to receive," said Himes. "It's sad. It's just sad that it wasn't more valued at that time."....

 So MPS sucked in transportation funding but did not pass it to the bus companies?

I'm sure that the Milwaukee D.A. will jump right on that.

MPS is doing the shimmy-shimmy-shake on the matter.

..."Milwaukee Public Schools compensated all bus contractors for 60%, or almost $8.2 million, of the remainder of the contractual agreements from the date of the unexpected school closure through the end of the 2020 - 21 school year. This was done despite companies not providing services to students nor was the district contractually obligated to do so....

Looks like some lawyers will send their kids to Harvard on the fees here.

By the way, MPS paid its AWOL teachers 100%, right?

Just asking.....

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RIP John McAdams.