Monday, April 19, 2021

AB 195 Is Here!!

We found the legislation prohibiting men to play in/on women's sports in Wisconsin.  Can't say that my Legislator was helpful on this matter, but primaries happen for a reasonHere's the short version:

This bill requires each University of Wisconsin institution and technical college that operates or sponsors an intercollegiate, intramural, or club athletic team or sport to designate the athletic team or sport as falling into one of three categories based on the sex of the participating students. The three categories are 1)participants who are males or men; 2) participants who are females or women; and3) coed or participants of both sexes. The bill defines “sex” as the sex assigned at birth by a physician. The bill also requires a UW institution or technical college to prohibit a male student from participating on an athletic team or in a sport designated for females or women. Finally, the bill requires the UW institution or technical college to notify students if the institution or technical college intends to change a designation for an athletic team or sport.

It's in a committee. 

Over the weekend, Vos stated that it's likely to be put on Tin-Pot Evers' desk later this Spring, and he predicts that it will be vetoed.

So the game is the veto over-ride, and you can expect behind-the-scenes lobbying from the UW to prevent that from happening.  After all, the NCAA has spoken and Wisconsin must obey.

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