Thursday, April 15, 2021

What's Newsmax' Game Here?

There's a lot of self-promotion from Newsmax telling everyone that they are the second coming of Fox.


Here's a quote from a Newsmax article on the January 6th disturbance.

 ...hundreds of protesters broke into the building and sent lawmakers fleeing for their lives....

"Fleeing for their lives"? 

"Broke into the building"?  You mean the ones who were LET into the building, or the others?  How many of each?

We know that Pelosi told the Cap Cops to 'stand down' which resulted in the alleged "riot" and--by no coincidence--allowed the Left to portray this as an "insurrection," a term used by Pelosi, Schumer, Biden*, and a number of other hard-leftists and their useful idiot Republican running dogs.

The Cap Cop resignations were inverse show-trials; note that none of them will suffer the loss of their nice, fat, Government pension.

It was largely a sham, although SOME idiot Trump-backers were foolish.  No matter the degree of their law-breaking which is largely 'trespassing' they will be hunted down, jailed, beaten by D.C. jail-guards, bankrupted by the US Attorney jackals...

Are you learning something, Deplorables?

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