Monday, April 26, 2021

Government Programs vs. Milwaukee

This is an excellent parable of Government's effects on life.

A private ambulance company that the City of Milwaukee says has not been keeping up with its 911 calls on Milwaukee's northwest side has given notice that it plans to cease its work with the city. 

The notice from Midwest Medical Transport Co. comes as the Milwaukee Fire Department, which handles the most critical calls, has been under increasing pressure to respond to lower-level medical incidents that under the city's system should be handled by private ambulance providers....

Midwest Med is pulling out because they can't make enough money to sustain their business.  Why?  Because Medicaid won't pay enough.

Medicaid is a Government program.

Meantime, the Milwaukee Fire Department runs its own paramedic squad which is becoming over-worked.

...The Fire Department is currently responding to about 1,000 lower-level calls a month, Lipski said.

That can render Fire Department paramedic units unavailable to respond to the highest-level calls or force a firetruck or ladder truck that responded first to wait with the patient for extended periods of time, he told the Common Council's Public Safety and Health Committee last week...

The Fire Department is a Government program.

One Government program screws private ambo companies; the other one is unable to pick up the slack and--by the way--it's a high-cost operation funded by taxpayers.

Looks like another tax hike for Tommy Barrrett's Murder City.  Government "wins", citizens lose.

Exactly the way it usually works.

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