Monday, April 26, 2021

Meantime, in Chicago

Peter reads all the right blogs and passes on some info from the (now-gone) Second City Cop author(s).

It ain't pretty.

...Four cops shot in a matter of days – no condemnation from the political structure. Almost like they’re scared to show even the tiniest bit of support for the men and women in blue, lest the suspiciously dormant “rioters” notice them.

And now a dead 13-year-old gangbanger. How do we know he’s a gangbanger? Social media pictures of him flashing gang signs. Tattoos noted in the coroner report and the “eyebrow lines” shaved in. The announcement (that actually made the media) that the gang would be targeting unmarked squad cars and the cops riding within...

There were also two cop-suicides.

...And there’s Groot, the f#$%ing “mayor” of Chicago, sympathizing with the “mother” who didn’t know her son was missing for two days, didn’t even report him missing for three, and identified the body in the morgue five days after the shooting. That’s “mother of the year” material right there....

 ...Crimesha [Cook County D.A.] has relegated her entire office to being a criminal’s BFF. If you follow the CWB blog (still a daily read for us) a number of articles aren’t just about criminals out on “affordable bails” that are shooting and killing rivals along with a few innocent bystanders – it's about rapists who should be on electronic monitoring not even showing up to be lo-jacked, and then going out and raping again....

Why is Milwaukee like Chicago? know who is suffering quite a bit in Chicago? Minority mothers, whose kids are being raped, shot, mugged and murdered (check the stats page). And who’s in charge around these parts? Groot, Crimesha, Prickwrinkle – three minority mothers, whose “catch-and-release" policies, along with zero-bail initiatives, downgrading criminal acts (without legislative action) and anti-police support have led to the biggest shooting and killing tallies since 2016....

One other thing which should make tourists think VERY hard about visiting Chicago in the next several years:

 .... How many recruits are in the Academy right now? Many hundreds? One hundred? Try under 50.  

And how many are in the hiring pipeline? Supposedly, after scouring the last THREE hiring lists for any warm body that washed out of pre-testing, over one-thousand letters and e-mails were sent out to take the Power test. How many showed up? About 70. One-third failed.

The FOP has the retirement numbers for Jan/Feb/Mar and there are hundreds. Literally hundreds....and not even 100 in the pipeline.

Anyone know why the media isn’t covering this?...

Has Milwaukee media asked any of those questions here?  Wouldn't it be interesting to know those numbers in Milwaukee, Wauwatosa, and Madison?  Hmmmmmm?


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Mar said...

NYC, Chicago and Los Angeles are third world cities.
Soon to be joined by other liberal cities like Milwaukee, Portland, Seattle, Washington DC and others.