Saturday, April 24, 2021

Tin-Pot Goes ALL Tin-Pot

If nothing else, Evers is predictable.

Gov. Tony Evers vetoed bills Friday that would have prevented the government from requiring people to get vaccinated against the coronavirus and barred it from closing churches because of the pandemic. ...

His excuses for that boil down to this:  GOVERNMENT has all the power and I, Tin-Pot Tony Evers, will keep it that way.  That's entirely consistent with his blatantly un-Constitutional "health orders" gambit which SCOWI knocked down a few weeks ago.

The 'church closing' thing is a clear violation of the Free Exercise clause, and mandating this particular vaccine (which is NOT a vaccine) is most likely a violation of Federal law which clearly states that citizens may not be forced to take experimental treatments.  (Yes, all these "vaccines" are experimental.)  So in effect, Evers claims the power to make us into guinea pigs.

I'll pass.  Molon Labe.

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