Thursday, April 15, 2021

Biden* Junta: Dirtballs

Not only does the Biden* Junta intend to replace the United States of America with a new country (see vote-fraud act, SCOTUS-pack act, Puerto Rico State act, bankrupt-the-country acts e.g.) and replace US citizens with a new electorate (see unlimited immigration and cartel-control of the border, e.g.).....

They're dirtballs, too.

...Sharon Fast Gustafson was asked by Deputy Assistant to the President Gautam Raghavan, who claimed to be acting at “the direction of President Biden,” to voluntarily resign her position at the White House by the end of the same week, just three days later.

Gustafson “respectfully” declined the invitation to resign in a three-page response to the president on March 5, wherein she acknowledged that she had served only about half of her appointed four-year term due to end in August 2023.

“At the time I was nominated, I was asked if I would commit to do my best to fulfill my four-year term, and I answered yes,” she wrote in the letter. “Unless prevented from doing so, I intend to honor that commitment.”

Within a few hours of sending her letter to the president, Raghavan responded in a curtly worded email, informing Gustafson that her “employment as General Counsel of the EEOC is terminated,” effective end-of-day that day.

Gustafson noted that her removal was unprecedented..

Firing the Biden* Junta may be the only recourse left in the very near future.


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