Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Abp. Listecki Reports to This Guy

In case you're wondering why +Jerome Listecki refuses to lift the capacity limits in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, it's because he reports to this guy.

University of Chicago students couldn’t attend Mass this weekend because church officials insisted it’s unsafe to worship when 0.6 percent of young people threatened more by flu contracts COVID-19.

This was not the result of a directive from the secular UChicago administration. The decision came directly from the archbishop of Chicago, Cardinal Blase Joseph Cupich, who ordered the campus church to cancel Mass for students due to the campus COVID “outbreak.” Not only did the bishop cancel Mass for students on campus, but he instructed them not to attend anywhere else....

 On Sunday we noticed that there were VERY few masks at Mass, and the place was 40% filled (half the space remains locked-out per + Listecki.)  

Who's keeping the over/under on attendance percentages AFTER our Bishops persuade us that Mass attendance is really sorta optional?


Mar said...

Bishop Cupcake probably doesn't want to lose his televised mass audience and the donations that come with it on Sunday mornings.

Anonymous said...

Good for Listecki!