Sunday, April 18, 2021

Fraud-ci Goes There: Republicans Are the Problem

The man who PAID Red China to weaponize Covid and who is responsible for over 10K deaths from AIDS squalls his L's on the teeeeeeveeeeee.

Republicans who refuse the Covid-19 vaccination are actively “working against” efforts to lift the very coronavirus restrictions they insist are an infringement of their civil liberties, Dr Anthony Fauci, the US government’s leading infectious disease expert, said on Sunday.

Fauci, who was involved in a fiery exchange over the issue with the Republican congressman Jim Jordan on Thursday, told CNN’s State of the Union he was frustrated by recent studies showing that up to 45% of Republicans would not take the vaccine.

“The fact that one may not want to get vaccinated, in this case a disturbingly large proportion of Republicans, only actually works against where they want to be,” he said....

Yah, well.  Nobody's paying attention to this old fart any more.  Just look around as you go shopping or to church (assuming your Bishop gives a damn about Mass attendance); masks are going the way of mastodons.

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