Sunday, April 25, 2021

Headline vs. Story Content. Sheesh

Local Pravda headline editors apparently don't read the stories.

Here's the meat of a local item:

...A survey, which was answered by 467 respondents, listed law enforcement, visionary, problem-solving, decision making and community and citizen focus as the top competencies people want to see in the new police chief. ...

Got that?  

The headline on the "Communities West" page reads:

Wauwatosa Seeks 'Integrity' in Its Next Police Chief.

And on top of the actual story?

After a year of unrest in the city, Wauwatosa residents are calling for the next police chief to be a community builder

What happened to the #1 priority listed above, "LAW ENFORCEMENT"?
It died in the manure-pile of Pravda's progressive/Marxist politics. 
Well, it's worth 10 cents/day, right?


Mar said...

"Well, it's worth 10 cents/day, right?"

Dad29 said...

OK. How about 5 cents/day?

Anonymous said...

Nope. I feel overcharged when it is free.

Anonymous said...

The print edition of the Journal sentinel is $$550.00 per year. At this point I would call it an elder scam.