Saturday, April 17, 2021

MKE Teachers Bailed Out on Kids

To the surprise of no one, Milwaukee's teachers are bailing out on the kids.

...nearly 1,000 MPS staff requested to continue working remotely for medical reasons. At least 187 teachers and 216 other employees have been approved to work remotely, and more could be approved soon. Their students who return to school can watch them teach on screens, but require additional staff to supervise in person.

MPS has found 107 substitute teachers to help with these roles, and is seeking 273 more, district officials said. ...

Remember:  these "professionals" are on full pay and benefits and taxpayers Statewide are forced--at gunpoint--to help pay them.

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Mar said...

A very simple solution. Kick the staff from the classroom and make them use sick leave, just like they would do with any other illness.
Most of the staff would immediately get better. Instant cure.