Sunday, April 18, 2021

Biden* Junta to Reverse God and SCOTUS on Trannies

There is no question that the Biden* junta is composed of crazies.  So when that junta announces a "review" of Title 9 policy, you know what it's for.

...The Trump administration resolved an investigation of a university when it agreed to stop letting biological males compete in women's sports last fall, months after the Bostock ruling. Having previously found that a Connecticut school sports league violated Title IX with a similar transgender policy, the department told the league that the Supreme Court ruling "does not alter the relevant legal standard."

President Biden's Department of Justice reversed this view of Bostock shortly before his Department of Education announced it would hold a public hearing, not yet scheduled, to consider changes to the Trump administration's policies.

In a memo to civil rights offices at other agencies, DOJ's civil rights division said Title IX's ban on discrimination "on the basis" of sex was the same as Title VII's ban on discrimination "because of" sex. The Supreme Court said this "because of" language applies to gender-identity discrimination because it involves sex "in part."...

In fact, Gorsuch's opinion in Bostock specifically stated that Bostock had nothing to do with Title 9.  So yes, this junta is a pack of liars and wants to reverse God and SCOTUS, too.

That will not work out well.

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