Saturday, April 17, 2021

Did Someone Say "Follow the Scienzzz!"?

As to 'follow the science,' the question has become:  "Which science?  That of Totalitarianism, or that of Medicine?"

Because the Medicine-Facts are:

...the fact that the control group otherwise known as Sweden, which did almost no mitigation and has the lowest mask compliance in all of Europe, had a substantially lower increase in excess deaths in 2020 than the average of every other member of the European Union that did deploy these measures. There is also the fact that the median age for death with COVID in the United States is 78, or right around the average American lifespan, and the fact that almost half of U.S. deaths with COVID have occurred in nursing homes where less than 1 percent of the total population lives. Therefore, we didn’t save grandma by quarantining the younger and healthier populations, as promised. 

It is also a fact that nine of the 10 states with the worst COVID death rates all deployed mask mandates, and some form of lockdown. Contrast that to the fact that Florida, which ended its lockdown restrictions on all businesses more than six months ago, just recorded single digits in daily COVID deaths for the first time since September. Meanwhile, the state of Michigan, with a lockdown so strict you couldn’t buy seeds to plant a garden outside, is currently struggling with record-setting daily death tolls and hospitalizations.  ...

All those and more!! in the book just released by the researchers.

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