Friday, April 16, 2021

The Senator-Wannabee From Basketball?

Not only is he a carpetbagger and a vaccine line-jumper; he will be the Senator from basketball....

...More than 65 donors have already given Lasry $5,800 — $2,900 for the primary and $2,900 for the general election.

Of the more than $400,000 those donors contributed, all but $17,400 was from out-of-state donors. That includes $237,800 from Lasry’s native New York.

The Milwaukee Bucks executive, on a leave of absence from the team, also listed several donations from those with ties to the NBA, including: Bucks head Coach Mike Budenholzer, $5,800; Bob Voulgaris, an analyst with the Dallas Mavericks, $5,800; Jason Kidd, a former Bucks head coach, $2,900; and Daryl Morey, general manager for the Philadelphia 76ers, $2,900....

He'd better be careful with the money the way NBA TeeVee ratings are going.

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