Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Do-Nothing Cops Ruin a Life

The story is not easy to excerpt, so you can read the whole thing here.

Very condensed version:  man with an alleged 'mental condition' assaults women in a neighborhood, is known for his behavior, shows up and women ask a neighbor man for assistance.

Neighbor man approaches "mental condition" guy, who then moves menacingly toward neighbor man's wife.  Neighbor man shoves "mental condition" guy to keep him from the wife.

Guess who got arrested and charged with assault?  And whose very honorable US Army service is now covered with mud--assuming he's able to remain in the Army?

And guess WHY this happened?

...[Richland County Sheriff's Department] failed to keep the community safe by allowing him to go free on more than one occasion,...

This will be more and more common as various troublemakers, both professional and amateur, continue to raise Hell in our cities and the cops (and yes, DA's and judges) let them go again and again.

Is that what our elected officials really want?

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