Saturday, April 17, 2021

The Fraud-ci Line of Crap

What Tucker Carlson didn't have handy is given us by the Ticker.

...Masks do not work.

"Social distancing" does not work because the places where the virus spreads are not where you can employ it.

These are facts.  Even the CDC admits it.  The largest single source of Covid-19 infection is from symptomatic persons in households. The secondary attack rate is only 0.7%, that is, 7 in 1,000, among asymptomatic people, whether pre-symptomatic or truly asymptomatic.  But among symptomatic people it is about 18%, or very close to 1 in 5.

If only 7 in 1,000 asymptomatic cases result in spread in a household where people are in the same confined space with the same breathing air for hours at a time then incidental exposure to asymptomatic people in a business has to result in much lower transmission.

In other words masking asymptomatic people in public is stupid and does nothing because those who don't spread the disease unmasked in a house certainly won't do so unmasked in a business or otherwise in public...

In even shorter:  if you're sick AND YOU KNOW IT, you should stay home and distant.  If you are NOT sick, or do NOT KNOW that you are sick, go about your normal business.

Or you can listen to Fraud-ci, who paid for this damn virus, writing checks to Red China for 'gain-of-function' experiments and research.


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Mar said...

I am wondering, when this is all over, if it is over, what they will find out.
In my little neck of the woods, in northwest Arizona, our county, the size bigger than 8 states had an interesting run.
We have basically been open since the middle of last year, with no mask mandates and businesses fully opened with few minor state government restrictions.
Our cases peaked when the snowbirds started coming down from the North. Our population increases about 50% during this time. Most are elderly.
We would have about 100+ or so cases a day.
Now that they have left, we are in the single digits per day.
And while some people wear masks and got vaccinated, maybe about a 1/3, does that explain such a sharp drop off? I doubt it.
Did they change reporting procedures? Are those damn snowbirds responsible? Did vaccinations help that much? A combination?
I honestly don't know.