Sunday, April 18, 2021

Death Impending; Cherry Blossoms Are Early

The "news" papers are the parody we've been waiting for.

However, as beautiful as it was, the early bloom is a grim reminder of the threats that the iconic Tidal Basin faces from a changing climate. Already, the basin floods and inundates the famous trees' roots daily, and this will only worsen as the planet warms. Estimates show that within 50 years, high tide will rise an additional 6 inches, which is entirely unsustainable.  --WaPo quoted at Planet Moron

Better get your last will and testament in order--and those of  your children and grand-children, while you're at it.

By the way:  read the entire post at Planet Moron.  He doesn't write often, but when he's great.


Planet Moron said...

Thanks for the link! I haven't by here in a while, great stuff! You are officially a perpetually open tab now, lol.

I do plan to write more regularly at Planet Moron going forward. I'm a regular contributor at as well, which has been keeping me pretty busy hence my paltry contributions the past few months at Planet Moron.

Thanks again, and take care!

Mar said...

Meanwhile, here in my neck of the woods in Arizona, it got down to 39 last night.