Monday, April 26, 2021

Apple's Bait-and-Switch Move

Apple makes good phones; they are in demand.  So Apple got more than 'just a little' piggish.

Apple is facing two class-action lawsuits over the meaning of the words “rent” and “buy.”

In the first suit, lead plaintiff David Andino argues that Apple’s definition of the two words is deceptive since the company can terminate people’s Apple IDs and, along with them, access to content they purchased using the “buy” button....

...“Just like Best Buy cannot come into a person’s home to repossess the movie DVD that such person purchased from it, [Apple] should not be able to remove digital content from its customers’ Purchased folders,” the suit says.

What is Apple's well-thought-out legal argument in response??

...Apple countered by arguing that “no reasonable consumer would believe” that content purchased through iTunes would be available on the platform indefinitely....


They are claiming SAAS privilege, just like John Deere does against farmers who wish to repair their own tractors and find that John Deere claims "ownership" of the onboard software--so the farmer can go suck wind.

Big Industry has over-stepped by a Big Margin and made a Big Mistake.  This will not end well for Apple, for John Deere, and for anyone else who plays bait-and-switch.  

HT:  Ace's New Tech Thread

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