Saturday, April 24, 2021

Channel 58 Sinks Deeper Into BS Pile


Apparently Channel 58 intends to wear the "Most Ridiculous News Outlet" crown in Milwaukee.  They'll have to climb over the dead-tree's body to get there, but they're trying.

Here's the laugher-headline of the week:

Arizona Republicans begin reviewing 2020 ballots in effort to undermine results

It's a CNN release, so....

Noteworthy:  even the CNN story does not use "undermine" in the body.  

Audits do not "undermine" anything.  They VERIFY something.  But you have to be out of grade school to know that. 

The rest of that story is filled to the brim with spin, by the way.

Here's a question that the "press" should have asked:  If there's nothing to hide, why is the Democrat Party suing to prevent transparency?

They won't ask that question, will they?  They'll just assert--without evidence--that the auditors are 'partisan.'

OK, then.

UPDATE:  Arizona Democrats failed to post the $1 million bond to secure the delay, so the audit will proceed as scheduled.


Mar said...

Yes, the Democrats are going nuts down here and I'm glad someone in the country is doing a complete audit.
But enough to overturn the election?
I doubt it.
The difference in the election in Arizona came down to the fact that 34,000 people did not vote for president on their ballots.
And my guess the vast majority of these fools were McCain supporters, never Trumpers.

Dad29 said...

Or there were 34,000 illegals voting.

Lots to learn here!

Mar said...

Except that doesn't explain why they voted for down state, local and dog catcher elections.

Dad29 said...

It doesn't.

That's why audits are valuable tools.

Dad29 said...

Mar: don't worry about Democrat talking-points.

Think about this video instead:

Plenty of meat on THOSE bones.

Mar said...

Not really Democrat talking points but I think the McCain family, including the nut job wife and the idiot on TV, had something to do with screwing up the Arizona presidential election.
They have more influence in Arizona than the Democrats.