Sunday, April 18, 2021

Old Fool* vs. Reality on Russia. War??

The Old Fool* Junta has decided that it's time to pick a war with Russia.  Not China--who has picked several wars with the US--nope.  Russia.

The Old Fool* led off by mocking Putin and daring him to invade Ukraine to reclaim the port of Mariupol.  Russia responded by massing troops and materiel on the Ukraine border.

Old Fool*, guided by war-mongering Democrat women such as the lying Vicky Nuland, then tossed 10 Russians out of the country.  Putin upped the bid....

The Russian counter measures have now been announced and they appear to be even more severe than what Biden imposed on them. While they have not ordered the US Embassy to close, they have done far more than expel a matching number of American diplomats. They have revoked a 1992 agreement with the United States on free movement of their diplomats around the Russian Federation; they will now be limited to 25 miles, as in the days of the Soviet Union. They are now prohibiting the US diplomatic missions to hire Russians or third country nationals to work for them; this will immediately hobble the activities of the diplomatic missions in every dimension.

At the same time, the Russians are ordering the closing of US Government sponsored NGOs and foundations, which they say are conducting subversive activities on Russian soil, read “meddling.” And they have issued a list of former and present US government officials who will be barred entry to the RF. These include the US Attorney General, the heads of US intelligence agencies and notorious Russia-bashers Susan Rice and John Bolton. Moreover, they have publicly recommended that the US ambassador to Russia go home for extended consultations, effectively decapitating the embassy and winding down its work.

Meaning in History quoting Doctorow.

As you can see, unless you're an Old Fool*, Putin is very damned serious about this.

How d'ya like a war with Russia?  Especially while Red China is licking its chops on what will be a VERY large Western Front?


Still think 81 million voted for Old Fool*?

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