Monday, April 26, 2021

Oh, Good!! Republican Rent-Control in WI!!

Yup.  This solution was so great in NYC and SFO that we'll make it work in Bloomer, WI, too!

...GOP Rep. Rob Summerfield said houses are selling within 24 hours in the small, northwestern city of Bloomer where he’s from. Housing has been an issue there, he said.

Summerfield authored AB 156, which would create a 4 percent state tax credit for the development of new rental housing for people within 61 percent to 100 percent of an area’s median income. It would also provide a 10-year restrictive covenant to be recorded on the rental housing units to ensure they remain affordable....

The part in red is called "Rent Control."

The conventional solution found in real economics supply/demand price matrix?


But you already know which lobby has purchased the Pubbies (just like the Tavern League), right?

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