Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Biden* Junta's Broadband Lies

The (not-really) PeeResident wants to spend ONE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS--all borrowed--to fix a system that ain't broke.

...Thanks to our private Internet Service Providers (ISPs), the United States has perhaps the best Internet connections and speeds on Planet Earth.  This despite the titanic land mass we have to interconnect – which adds dramatically to the costs and difficulties of building out our networks....

When Wuhan Fluhan struck, European ISP's were ordered to stop HD and go down to SD broadcast downloads.  That did not happen in the USA.  Streaming video is THE most bandwidth-intensive activity on the 'net.  But the Biden* junta wants you to believe that the US' system is horribly broken.

...the government only counts a wired connection as an Internet connection.  They do this to artificially mass-inflate the number of “unconnected people” to whom they can point – and thereby falsely justify their further involvement. Does no bureaucrat own a cell phone?  Hundreds of millions of Americans can currently connect to the Web – on their wireless devices....

Yah, well, lying is what politicians do.

Pretty soon the 'net will be 5G; that's about ONE THOUSAND times the speed necessary for HD streaming.  So remind us:  why is Biden* doing this?

Here's why:

...Biden, Inc. and DC’s Democrats want to dump the $100 billion we don’t have – into government-run ISPs(How’s that for government-to-government cronyism masked as do-gooderism?)

Except we have tried government-run ISPs since basically the inception of the Internet – and government is awful at itMore than 400 attempts at government-run Internet service – nigh all abysmal failures....

Yup.  They tried that in Milwaukee and Madison.  The Milwaukee total-waste went out of biz in about 2 years, remember?  (Another Tommy Barrett fail, by the way.)

These are very bad people with very bad ideas and intentions.  '22 elections are almost here!!


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