Thursday, April 08, 2021

Time To Open Churches, Abp Listecki!

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee sent out one of its fund-raising letters, this for Catholic Charities.  You remember them, right?  They're holding out a carrot at the border so women and girls can get gang-raped coming to America.


Anyhow, the begging-letter reminded me that Archbishop Listecki, an officer in the U S Army Reserve, has yet to demonstrate any actual leadership here by opening the parish churches.  100% open, not 25%, not with taped-off sections, having actual choirs singing, .........kinda like Catholic churches.

Instead, we have a timid, fearful, Archbishop who kneels in subservience to Tin-Pot Tony Evers.  The State rules the Church, and not a peep of objection from an officer of the U S Army.

Who would follow HIM into battle?

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