Saturday, April 10, 2021

Babbling Buttplug....

The Biden* junta's babbling queen on "infrastructure":

...We have risen to this challenge before as a country. In fact, building bold infrastructure has always been central to America’s story. We built the Erie Canal, we connected east to west through the Transcontinental Railroad, and we developed the interstate highway system. And each of those was audacious, was transformative, and partly because it challenged the American people to expand our concept of infrastructure....

"....challenged expand our concept of infrastructure......"?

A canal is a challenging concept?  The railroad?  A national-defense highway?

Buttplug was challenged when he purchased garbage trucks.  He forgot to measure the width of the truck against the width of South Bend's alleys.  That's the level of thinking Babbling Buttplug brings to the table. 

But the word salad!  It sounds just faaaaaabulous!

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